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Brook Forest Voices has created the BFV Audiobook Connection for public and private schools, a service designed to allow schools a means to offer audiobooks whether children's stories, fiction, nonfiction or classic literature by streaming, downloads, or on CD.

The BFV Audiobook Connection for School libraries was developed to directly satisfy school library concerns: inventory investment, shelf space, books available to students in multiple formats and access to classic literature matching the school's curriculum. BFV resolved these issues by allowing your school library to test drive the new program for one semester followed by a very affordable semester subscription fee. School librarians may choose from either the standard BFV widget design (see above) or use a specially designed clickable widget utilizing the school's logo, which you would place on your school library website.

Your school library will be able to support teachers, students and parents with minimal investment. For example,this is a great way to support busy high school students who are preparing for college by giving them the means to be familiar with Literary Classics by listening while driving to school, work or activities. In addition, The BFV Audiobook Connection introduces students at every reading level a new way to enjoy books.

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